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Nyle & Moxy on Times Square Billboard!

Nyle Lynn and her rescue pup, Moxy Bear, captured the attention of the massive crowd in Times Square with a dazzling advertisement featuring HICC Pet. The billboard showcased the remarkable bond between Nyle and Moxy, highlighting the incredible companionship and happiness that pets bring to our lives. It promoted the HICC Pet quilted pet glove wipes with coconut oil that Nyle uses to clean up Moxy after their walks in Central Park. As the vibrant lights of Times Square illuminated their image, Nyle Lynn and Moxy Bear became symbols of the profound joy and love that pets provide, reminding us all to cherish the special connection we share with our furry friends. Being a brand ambassador and content creator for HICC Pet has been one of Nyle's favorite day jobs so far because it combined her passion for acting, content creation, & marketing! You can watch the AD here on Nyle's Tik Tok:

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