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Broadway Is Back by Nyle Lynn

Broadway closed due to the corona virus out break in New York City doing March of 2020 and didn't really opening back up until around September of 2021. Upon re-opening audiences were ecstatic to be back in the beautiful theatre's watching the talented stars take stage once again. Even though ever precaution from vaccines, to masks was taken there have been some more closures due to variant outbreaks in New York during the 2021-2022 winter holiday season but, the show goes one and the Spring of 2022 looks promising for the shows and the audiences to get back together again and enjoy the amazing exchange of energy that only live theatre can create.

Nyle Lynn was hired to cover Broadway's reopening and create content for BOOM - Broadway's Official Online Master Class Watch Nyle's highlight reel of some of the many videos she hosted, filmed, and edited for BOOM's multiple social media platforms.Watch Nyle here:

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