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Nyle Lynn is a wonderfully supportive acting coach whose specialty is helping talent break through their fears to become the absolute best they can be. She has acting students on Prime Time TV, in Hollywood Movies, and on stages all over the globe. Nyle also coaches CEO's and business professionals for their on-camera presentations for television interviews, corporate videos, and social media content. She can help you prepare to be your best on-camera. 

Nyle will coach you online remotely or in person in NYC. She will help you to master the art form of acting or prepare for your presentation or interview. If you're new she can help you to start building your acting technique toolbox. If you are already a busy working actor she can help you sharpen your acting skills and nail your next Self-Tape audition. 

Single Sessions: 

In Person in New York City

1 hour - $120

Remotely Live

Online via Zoom or Facetime

1 hour - $60

PACKAGES: Ongoing Online Struggling Actor Discount Package - This package gives you 6 - One Hour Zoom Coaching Sessions for only $300 when you pay upfront in full via Venmo or PayPal. With this awesome actor discount, you're getting each online hour-long coaching session for only $50. Professional Actors often get this package before Pilot Season or Episodic Season and many of them ask for it as a gift from people who want to support their acting success. And yes if you have a Series Regular audition with 14 pages we can do two hours at once. Since I am an actor too I made this package especially for you because I understand that it's difficult to afford coaching sometimes and I don't want you to not have my help when you need it. I am here to help you book that job. You can do this and you deserve a supportive coach on your team now.

To Book Your Coaching Session or to make a Package Purchase email Nyle on the contact page or at to secure your spots, request your days, and times and then she will email you back your confirmed time slot and a payment link via VENMO or PAYPAL. Thank you. 


I work with a lot of professional working actors who are at different levels in their careers. I train beginners through advanced. You can currently see some of my coaching clients in films and on TV so for that process, they are often contacting me to coach them for their last-minute on-camera auditions and sometimes they also hire me to be their on-set acting coach. I help them to get centered and do their best work in the short period of time they have to prepare. On set, I can work closely with the director to get the performance they want if they choose to do that or I can just work privately with the actor if that's the preference but of course, the goal is the same and we always make sure to serve the director's vision of the piece.  For self-tape auditions, I am their acting coach and also their reader if needed. We often do this remotely via Zoom now while they record their auditions with their cellphone at home. Or in person in New York City if time permits we meet up for self-tapes and coaching sessions. However, we have found that with the time crunch to turn things in and with the actor being most comfortable at home that working remotely is one of the best ways to approach a self-tape audition. When we are done working the actor sends me the best couple of takes via a private link on Vimeo or Youtube and we decided together which one they want to submit to the casting director. I also cast so I have an eye for this. If they have an agent and/or manager we loop them in on this decision too, so that they can be confident that the best takes are being sent to casting. For actors it is important that you have a tablet or laptop to zoom on, a cellphone to shoot on, a simple editing app like iMovie or the equivalent for Android, a light or lights, and a plain clear background to shoot in front of and a room or area where the sound will be good and not interrupted so that we can hear you clearly and a mic that connects to your cellphone. So if you're at home with family let them know that when you yell "Quiet on set!" that means you're about to hit record and they need to hush up! Or coach Nyle is gonna come over and school them, lol. 


"Nyle is the coach I call the minute I get a script"

-April Hernandez-Castillo (Sag Nominee - Dexter) (Eva in Freedom Writers) Law & Order, The Following, Elementary, New Amsterdam . . . ) 

"After working on my reel with Nyle I booked a bunch of TV Shows and Movies." R. Marcos Taylor ( Sure Knight in Straight Outta Compton) (Luke Cage, Sons of Anarchy, The Blacklist, Nurse Jackie . . . )

"Nyle is an amazing acting coach! I have played many roles since coaching with her and will continue to work with her. Highly recommend!" - Hayley Raphael (Disney, Tony & Tina's Wedding, HERLarious Sketch Comedy Show . . . ) 

What a fantastic experience! I will definitely be coming back. - Massiel Hernandez (The Quest for Gloves, The Abandoned, Snow . . . ) 

I have always love working with Nyle, she has so much knowledge about the acting business in general and as a coach shes def knows how to work with actors and how bring the best out of them, I highly recommend her. Award Winning Actress - Anais Almonte (Delusional, Adrenaline III, Gotham . . .) 

"Nyle coached me on how to make Youtube & Instagram videos for my skin care business. I am not an actor so I was really nervous about being on camera but she helped me to become comfortable being my authentic self and now I make videos all the time!" - Enrique Ramirez 

I give Nyle Lynn over five stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I highly recommend Nyle to any beginner or advanced actor she is hands down my favorite acting coach. Anytime I have an audition she’s always there for me and gets back to me right away. I have worked with Nyle on coaching for my auditions in person and on zoom and had lots of success not only having great auditions but I learn a lot from her as well. To me it’s important to work with a coach your comfortable with. If you work with Nyle you will see why I’m comfortable working with her and she brings out the best in me for my auditions. She also helped me create my acting reel as well. Thank you Nyle and look forward to working with you! SAG/AFTRA Actress/Producer: Amelie McKendry 

Self-Tape Equipment Tips:

You want your background to be clean for filming so you'll want to get something like the pop up background in my Amazon shop linked below or to paint a wall in your apartment a color that is appropriate for self-tapes.  A lot of casting offices like the royal blue background but some don't and the green screen can be used on zoom to replace the background. Grey is also an option and light gray is especially nice for us brunette's because our hair contrasts with a light background and makes us pop. A blonde actress can use a darker gray background to contrast their hair.  So think about this while choosing the perfect background for your self-tapes. The goal is to keep it simple and have some contrast so the Casting Director can see you clearly. A plain white wall isn't great because it will appear yellow in your self-tapes and not a pretty yellow at all. If you want yellow get a nice clear yellow paper roll from amazon. Whatever you choose you need to take some time making sure you have a background that compliments you, and that it's easy to set up. Or to just leave it up so that you can use it for acting classes and auditions. You will also need a light or lights and a mic which clips on your shirt and is called a lavalier mic, it plugs into your cellphone and if you have an iPhone you'll need the little white adaptor for it. I hope this information helps you feel free to email me if you have any questions. 

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